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Become a Project Manager
Jean-Francois P, PMP - France/Germany

I spent one year in the US and after two years acting as a project manager, I was looking to achieve the PMP certification as well as to improve my Management Marketability while developping additionnal competences (soft skills, financials, Portfolio Management Know-How,...). Therefore I decided to take the complete Hands-On Project Management™ (Project Management Expert™) Track from Mike Marco. I really enjoyed going to the course every Saturday, knowing I was going to learn a lot and profit from other´s experiences. I took the PMP exam just at the end of the track and passed it on the first try. I did really appreciate our instructor. On top of a very wide and really up-to-date PM-Knowledge, he has diversified PM experiences and like to share and analyse them with others. A lot of added value and the exact amount of fun! Keep it up Mike and many many thanks!

Keith A. T, MBA, PMP - USA

I achieved my PMP designation in 2004, but kept putting off obtaining PDUs as I could not find affordably priced REP courses. Finally, I discovered eConsulting Group, Inc. but thought the course would be mediocre given the unbelievably modest price. On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised. Upon reviewing the material I realized how extensive and well-laid out the courses were. While overwhelming in its content, I was very pleased with the program which reintroduced me to many concepts I had barely grasped during my early days as a project manager. Thank you.

R. Bush, PhD, PMP - USA

I was somewhat leery about taking an online class because previously it has been a passive rather than active experience. The responsiveness of Mike Marco to my queries and the practical exercise made this extremely participatory. The practical exercise took me through all phases of the project management cycle and helped me to refresh skills that I had and add skills to which I had not been previously exposed.

J. P. Anthony BSc, MS (Engg.), MBA (Tech.Mgmt.), PMP, MIEEE - Managing Director, Andromeda Internetworking Consultants Limited, New Zealand

I enjoyed doing the course and it added value to my day-to-day PM activities. The one-on-one contact online/conference with the tutors is very useful and valuable. I have registered myself for the Project Management Expert™ course straightaway due to the positive experience I had with the first course I took. I have no hesitation in recommending these courses to any one who actively seek professional knowledge in PM areas as well as PMPs who seek PDUs to keep their certification current. Their fee structure is affordable too. Keep up the good work.

P. D’Olimpio, PMP - Hewlett Packard, USA

The virtual class I took was very well organized and presented. The instructor was always available to answer questions and provide other support as needed. And there were no problems with the website which had the materials.

K. McLaughlin, PMP - K&M McLaughlin Consulting Inc, USA

Mike Marco provides timely and cost effective PMP training materials. They are very responsive to students needs. I highly recommend training products for anyone pursuing PMI certification and ongoing educational development.

R. Schmitt, PMP - USA

I recently took three of the on-line classes offered. The classes I completed were: IT Project Management, Advanced Project Management and Project Management Principles and Concepts. My enticement for taking the classes was to obtain required PDU’s for my continued PMP certification. I found the whole process, from registration to receiving the certificates, to be very professionally organized. The presentation of the course information was well presented and offered a real opportunity to enhance my project management knowledge.

S. Paras, PMP, Project Manager - USA

Thank you very much for making me a Project Manager! I really enjoyed classes. The instructor was a wonderful presentor. He has extensive knowledge and real world experience in Project Management field. He is a great Project Manager and he is great at making one.

Mike J.

I enjoyed your class and your lecture style. You did a great job.

Ron B.

First, wanted to say the class itself was great. You did a great job of moving quickly through the material but stopping when people seem puzzled. You read the class well and delivered the material appropriately. I've been through too many of these where they seem to last forever even if people are picking up the material quickly...

Anu M.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your guidance, patience and most importantly your faith in me :). Thank you again and you are the best instructor I have had so far.

Léa Cole

I participated to the PMP preparation class and the REME class almost two years ago and I am still very thankful. I will always keep in mind the technical guidance, the commitment, and the professionalism that you provided. It was not easy everyday (especially being under Mike's supervision!) but you believed in all of us which enable me to have such a fruitful experience. I really enjoyed the training programs and the time spent with you.

Kevin O’Keefe

I have nothing but high praises for both my experiences in the Six Sigma and the PMP prep courses. Since I took the Six Sigma course before the PMP course, I was less prepared to take the Six Sigma course, but I really appreciate you accommodating my schedule and that the instructor was able to customize the course for my needs. I still have a lot to learn, but was inspired by my instructor to continue learning Six Sigma methodologies. I took the PMP exam last Saturday (4/7) and passed. Mike was great! His knowledge, style and ability to make learning effective, interesting and fun all at the same time are his strengths. The online practice tests were very helpful in preparing to take the exam. The immediate feedback on tests, reviewing answers and seeing where to improve eventually gave me the confidence to schedule and take the exam. I would confidently recommend to anyone preparing to take the PMP exam.

Anthony Poe

My name is Anthony Poe. I am a Program Manager at CBCS Custom Networks. I have been managing projects for more than 10 years. I have recently taken the PMP preparation courses and I must say that I am more than satisfied. The course was great and the materials were beyond what was required. They have gone out of their way to assist me. I was offered more courses for my money than I thought I would be able to receive and they even offered me courses that I courses that I could not get else where. A special thanks to Mike Marco for his extra efforts to help me attain my PMP, Agile, Scrum and XP training.

Karly Siedlecki

The three day Agile Expert and Scrum Course was very thorough. I gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time because our instructor had an effective teaching style that kept participants consistently engaged and retaining details. We applied the new skills to mock case studies that simulated a live Sprint/Iteration and really drove the concepts home. I would suggest this course to individuals or development teams seeking to perfect their Scrum or Agile skills or effectively adopt this methodology.