What does it mean: Agile Project Management or Manager? For years I have been managing projects that involved construction, mechanical, electrical, R&D, IT/software, and other disciplines. A certain level of stress was always there. I needed answers on questions such as: What project management framework would I need to use to deliver? Should I stay with the traditional project management? Should I use Agile? There will be always projects that require traditional project management and projects that require agile project management. In order to deliver a project in the 21st century, a project manager must Learn --> Adapt --> Get It Done. In other words, use any applicable tool/framework, as needed, in order to deliver. That is called Agile Project Management. Life is a learning experience. I recommend that you learn and experience anything and everything related to the field of project management in order to deliver. In other words, create your own tool box and use it as you need it.

I translated my work related experiences in my text books: “Hands-On Project Management™”, “Project Management Expert™”, and “Agile Guide”, and others. I outlined most of the PM tools and techniques that I have been using within my projects. These tools are part of my work and personal life. Needless to say that, without constantly learning new PM tools and techniques, I would become obsolete. I hope you become an agile project manager as well.