Over 15 years of consulting, training and mentoring, on four different continents, in the Agile / Six Sigma / SCRUM / Stage-Gate® Project Management environment. Teaching, managing and mismanaging projects within engineering, IT, manufacturing, telecommunication, utility and waste management and other industries, including Fortune 5 and Fortune 500 companies, the USA Government, Navy and Military.

About Mike Marco

I have been lecturing project management subjects for the University of Chicago, Boston University, Keller Graduate School of Management and other schools and universities.

I know that there are many companies and consultants out there and they deliver services. So, what makes me different? I am committed to my customers' success and innovative, hard working agile project manager that do deliver outstanding results.

Why did I write Agile Guide?

Around the year 2007, I saw a need to put all of these wonderful adaptive, management tools in one place and publish it. Since then, I have been putting bits together to build this guide. And, it is not done yet. Everyday I learn new tools that should be part of this book.

I know that I do not know everything, but I am willing to learn, adapt, and get it done. These are the three most important characteristics of the 21st century project managers. ABOK's 7th edition brings additional tools, concepts, and definitions that I learned in the last two years.

Special thanks to other Agile and SCRUM authors, whose work has inspired me to write this guide. See the authors reference list on the page 2 and the reference links throughout the book.

Published material:
  • Hands-On Project Management™, Principles and Concepts – ISBN: 0974590207
  • Project Management Principles and Concepts ISBN-10: 0974590215
  • Advanced Project Management ISBN-10: 0974590223
  • Enterprise Project Management (Program and Portfolio) ISBN-10:0974590274
  • Construction Project Management ISBN-10: 0974590266
  • PMP® Exam Prep - Complete Source (Hands-On Project Management - Fast Track) ISBN-10: 0974590282
  • Project Management Expert™ (Principles and Concepts) ISBN-10:0980120500
  • Agile Guide: ISBN-10: 098953460X
My hobbies

Guitar, painting, judo, kickboxing, scuba, horse riding and project management.

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in booking my services or want to partner with my service website eConsulting Group.

Mike Z. Marco